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50mm f2.0 Multi mounts

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50mm is known as the standard focal length.

The viewing angle is very close to the actual human eyesight.

The most usable in the realistic restoration of the scene and capturing the characteristics of light and shadow. 

When using a 50mm f2.0 on RF mount full-frame camera needs to be switched to an APS-C model.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Does this fit on camera nikon Z50

Great little lens.

I got it in L mount and it is a nice little lens. Great value for the price.

Great Compact Lens.

This is a great compact lens for making my full frame Sony cameras more compact meaning that I am more likely to take one with me day to day. It feels solid and impressed myself and a couple of other pro photogs the the first night I had it out. Can't go wrong for the price with the following caveat. I'm a professional videographer and photographer. The manual aperture and focus may not be for everyone if you are used to shooting auto but it's a good way to get out of your comfort zone. Because of my work my cameras are only ever in full manual mode. I've also been shooting manual focus for years because video focus hasn't been good on most cameras. This has meant that this lens isn't an adjustment for me but be mindful that it may take some getting used to if you aren't regularly shooting in this manner. Great, small fun lens that is perfect for social gatherings when you don't want to stick a giant lens in every ones face but you still want low light ability and gorgeous photos.

Jose Garrido
Good article

Je suis très content de cette achat
C’est un très bon objectif
Il est petit discret et très léger et procure de très bonnes images je suis très satisfait

Robert Packwood
50mm f2 Z mount

IT’s a fun lens to have with a lot of character.