TTArtisan M50mm f/0.95 Super Aperture

TTArtisan M11mm F2.8

In order to effectively improve the image degradation of the fisheye lens edge, we designed the TTArtisan M11mm F2.8 into 7 groups of 11 pieces. Even when the aperture value is F2.8, it can meet the high image quality requirements of professional users for photos and videos.

TTArtisan M21mm F1.5

The lens structure of TTArtisan M21/1.5 is 11 sets of 13 pieces and the length is 70mm. The large aperture of the F1.5 is matched with the wide-angle focal length of 21mm. In the humanities theme, the background can display information while obtaining a spatial stereoscopic effect. A wide enough perspective can be obtained in the creation of scenery.

TTArtisan M35mm F1.4

The lens structure of TTArtisan M35/1.4 is 7 sets of 8 pieces, 410g weight, length 73mm, 49mm diameter thread. Referring to the design essence of the 35-cylinder lens of several M-mounts in history, the maximum aperture can be used with the aperture, and the telephoto focus is very soft when the near-point is in focus.

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