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100mm F2.8 Bubble Bokeh

100mm F2.8 Bubble Bokeh

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· This lens does not come with an adapter ring

· This lens is currently out of stock and orders placed after August 15th are expected to be sent out in September-October. We will try to send it out for everyone as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and waiting.

Soap Bubble Bokeh

Unlike modern lenses with creamy smooth bokeh, TTArtisan 100mm f2.8 produces the soap bubble bokeh effect. Soap bubble bokeh is characterized by a bokeh ball with a bright edge around their perimeters and will give stunning results.

Get Creative Images

TTArtisan 100mm f2.8 offers balanced sharpness with attractive bubble bokeh effect. It can be used to create special and beautiful nature and portrait photography.

Full Frame with a Large Image Circle

The 100mm f2.8 is a full-frame lens, and the actual imaging circle can almost cover the medium format. When this lens is used on APS-C or Full-frame cameras, it is equivalent to retaining the better quality part of the large image circle. When this lens is used on medium format cameras, the faint vignetting makes the work more artistic.

Slight vignetting  on medium format cameras,FUJI GFX 50R | 100mm F2.8,Shot at f2.8

On full frame cameras Only the center part of the large imaging, 100mm F2.8,Shot at f2.8

Compatible Mounts

TTArtisan 100mm f2.8 is designed for the M42 mount, but you can use it on any mount you like with an adapter ring.


It is a normal phenomenon that the centerline of thread mount lens is not aligned with the centerline of the camera, and it does not affect the use.

If you need an adapter ring to use this lens, it is recommended to use an adapter with a centerline adjustment function.

Adapter with adjustable centerline

Conventional adapter

Mechanical Feel

The lens body is made of aviation aluminum with an anodized surface and has a good build quality.

Clicked Aperture

With clicked aperture, you can switch it without looking at the lens, especially shooting at night.

Retro Focus Ring

The focus ring is designed to fit the finger, bringing a comfortable feel.

Focal length 100mm Maximum aperture F2.8
Closest focus distance 0.9m Minimum aperture F22
Frame Full Frame Diaphragm Blades 13pcs
Filter size 49mm Optical Design 3 Elements in 3 Groups
Angle of view 24° Focus method Manual
Weight Around 307g Mount M42


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
David Eger

An amazing lens for a very affordable price. The build quality is outstanding with an eye to little details that will make the lens enjoyable to use for many years. Even the packaging is better than expected.

George Q
Great lens for the price!

Performed better than I expected and the bokeh is bubbly with the right lighting conditions.

Individual, expressive images

This lens makes use of the classic Cooke Triplet design that saw the light of day more than 100 years ago. Those who use this lens are looking for an imagery that is no longer possible with modern, highly corrected lenses. If you want to learn more about it, you can check out Pavel Sinagl's review below, which really lays out the pros and cons in wonderful detail. I am very glad that TTArtisan has reissued this lens, as the copies from the analog era are now very expensive and often in very poor condition. New interpretations from other manufacturers are also worth a look in this context and score points with suitable mounts for modern camera systems and high-quality workmanship. However, the prices are significantly higher. The fact that TTArtisan has chosen the M42 mount is very clever, since this allows only one variant to be produced in a larger quantity, which ultimately reduces the price drastically. If you are looking for a special look and flawless feel, you should definitely take a look at this lens.

Sabine Kolter

100mm F2.8 Bubble Bokeh

Pavel Sinagl
Vintage lens produced today

I start from the end - I really like this lens for its character and image quality. However, we need to have the same understanding of the terms "image character" and "image quality" so this review will be useful to you and not just perpetuation of superlatives without real meaning to you.
This lens truthfully mimic the famous "bubble bokeh" champion - 100mm f/2.8 Trioplan lens produced in the 50's of the previous century. It is often described as "soft focus" and very often used for portraits but also for semi-macro shots where its distinctive bubble bokeh is especially visible (*with the right light and background!). However the bokeh and slight glow which you can see when using the lens with wide open aperture was considered as imperfection back then and therefore it was soon replaced with another lens with more modern and complex optical design (Orestor 100mm f/2.8). And yet came the time when almost all lenses in production by any brand in the world are super sharp without optical flaws (either by their design or with help of embedded software correction profiles and photographers and videographers are looking for something to make their work to stand out of the unified crowd. And here comes the demand and appreciation of vintage character which is in fact a manifestation of optical design imperfection but at the same time offers pleasing rendition which shifts the focus of viewers from optical perfection of the image to the creators idea captured in the image.
To make the long story short, this lens is not optically perfect - if that is what you are after then look elsewhere. But if you find inspiration in vintage photographs or movies then the pleasing soft rendition of this lens will reward you with distinctive vintage look. Yes, you need to know what you are doing or you need to learn it. This lens will not turn any random snapshot into a masterpiece by itself. But if you understand what you find pleasing on vintage photographs you can explore your creative abilities with it.
Also - important to mention - this lens IS NOT only about "bubble bokeh"! Being derivation of century old Cooke triplet formula used (and still used today) by film makers for its organic and smooth bokeh it can produce beautiful images even without the bubbles. Personally I love this lens especially for Back and White images. Wide open for pleasing portraits with just a hint of "glow" in the image and when you stop the lens down a bit it becomes sharp as gains contrast. But even wide open there is plenty of detail in the images just veiled in that soft shroud of glow. This feature/quality predestines this lens for poetic and atmospheric images (portraits, moody landscapes with soft sunrise/sundown light or even better with some fog and haze, rainy street scenes...) and all that preferably in B/W :)
And last word about the mechanics - this is all manual focus lens with no electrical contacts in it - just like any "real" vintage lens! So you should know how to operate it. It is not difficult but it require you to master manual focus and learn your camera exposure to have real fun using this lens and explore your creativity.
Choose wisely if this lens is for your photographic style and enjoy! :)

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