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TTArtisan AF 27mm F2.8

TTArtisan AF 27mm F2.8

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TTArtisan AF 27mm F2.8 Lens

Applicable Models

SONY E-mount Full Frame

Camera settings: APS-C mode :

A7、A7ll(A7M2)、A7lll(A7M3)、A7llll(A7M4)、A7R、A7Rll(A7RM2)  、A7Rlll(A7RM3)  、A7RlV(A7RM4)、A7RV(A7RM5)、A7S、A7SII(A7SM2) 、A7SIII(A7SM3)、A7C、A9、A9ll、A1、ZV-E1

SONY E-mount APS-C Frame

A5000、A5100、A6000、A6100、A6300、A6400、A6500、A6600、NEX-3、NEX-3N、NEX-3R、NEX-5T、NEX-5R、NEX-5、NEX-5N、NEX-7、NEX5C、ZV-E 10、FX30

Nikon Z-mount Full Frame

Camera settings: APS-C mode :


Nikon Z-mount APS-C Frame


Fuji X-mount


Ultra-compact Pancake

The portability of the pancake lens makes it easy to carry. The compact and exquisite design is perfect for traveling and creating.

And it is suitable for a variety of photography such as portraits, street photography and landscape photography.

STM Stepping Motor

TTArtisan AF 27mm F2.8 lens adopts the "STM+leading screw" stepping motor, which is small in size and smooth in focusing.

Support camera's Anti-Shake function, which is good for video shooting.

It focuses quickly to capture the perfect moment

Eye Recognition Focus

Accurate and agile eye tracking makes it easy to capture wonderful moments when taking photos, and helps to shoot smooth images when recording videos.

0.35m Close-up Shooting

The closest focus distance is 0.35m to capture every detail. And with a large aperture of F2.8, the non-focus area has fantastic bokeh.

Clicked  Aperture Ring

The lens is designed with an independent clicked aperture, so you can have a more convenient and faster shooting experience than switching the aperture on the camera.

A  16  14  13  11  10  9  8  7.1  6.4  5.6  5  4.5  5  3.6  3.2  8

The valid range of aperture ring.

Turns the aperture ring to "A" first, before you changeaperture setting in camera system.

Please note:The lens with its own aperture ring (whether original or sub-brand), some cameras are not supported on the camera body to switch the aperture value, only through the lens aperture ring

Interface for Firmware Upgrade

The firmware upgrade of the lens can be carried out through the type-c interface to improve the performance. Different from the common design of the interface on the lens, TTArtisan designs the interface on the back cap, which improves the aesthetics of the lens.

The lens is combined with the back cap,

and connected to the computer through the Type-C cable

Note: Type-C cable with data transfer function is required, Upgraded with Windows system (Windows10 would be better)

Click the link for firmware upgrade

Lens Specification
Focal length 27mm Filter size 39mm
Maximum aperture F2.8 Closest focusing distance 0.35m
Minimum aperture F16 Diaphragm Blades 7pcs
Frame APS-C Focus method AF
Angle of view 56° Weight around 88~100g
Optical Design 6 Elements in 5 Groups Mount E/X/Z

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bobby Wong

Autofocus does not work probably for Sony NEX-5 camera.

Eduardo Romero
Best lens on its category

Since I got the lens it has performed brilliantly. I prefer this lens over 'the other' 27mm lens for Fuji. The best performance per dollar lens I have.

Stefan Wild
Very good lens!

Thank you for your service!

Oscar lapinza

A precise lens, that you love in every shot and that fits the camera like a glove. And ttartisan's service is great!

Simone Acquaroli

TTArtisan AF 27mm F2.8

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