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90mm F1.25 Multi Mounts

90mm F1.25 Multi Mounts

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Key Features
  • E/Z/R/L/GFX/X1D mount
  • Aperture Range: f/1.25 to f/16
  • Manual Focus Operation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Peter Kolev
Excellent lens!

Awesome lens with amazing character for medium format!

Franz Scheurer
Must-have for Hasselblad X Users

Terrific lens, covers the sensor and shines with extremely narrow depth of field, which really does separate object from background.

Caccia Enrico
Dream catcher

If you are looking for a special lens with main focus on "dreamy looks" and creamy Bokeh you will have plenty of fun with it, as I had (and have). If you are searching for technical perfection don't buy it. With the Hasselblad X1D only to use with electronic shutter with all its drawbacks, but that is not the fault of TTArtisan... For complete review (on german) see:

Jussi R.
Paper thin depth of field

The 1.25 aperture gives paper thin, surreal depth of field. In bright sunlight, you need a strong ND (like 64 or 6) filter to use the lens wide open. With my Hasselblad X2D the lens must be used with digital shutter, and that is extremely slow in reading sensor data (like 300 ms), and that limits the use somewhat. For example, no flash can be used. However, the lens can be used in natural light with somewhat still subjects. Landscape pictures can be shot hand held. Wide open the image is a bit soft. Bokeh is a bit Helios-like.

Great !!!

It is little to work with but great result !!!
I recommended !!!