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Tilt 50mm F1.4

Tilt 50mm F1.4

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The stock of the tilted 50mm F1.4 lens is insufficient, and it is expected to be shipped within one week after the order is placed. Thank you for your understanding.

The Magical Lilliput

In the tilt lens, the real world is transformed into a lovely miniature landscape, making it feel like you've entered the Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels. 


The Plane of Focus is in Your Control

As shown in the left figure below, there is no difference between the lens and the regular 50mm f1.4 lens when the tilt function is not used. With a large aperture, only part of the ducks are in focus and the rest of the image is bokeh. As shown in the right figure below, after using the tilt function and without changing the aperture, the focal plane is parallel to the sides of the three ducks, so all three ducks can be shot clearly.


Partial Focus Function

When taking pictures, we often encounter the need to only make some areas clear and other areas blurred. For example, for the lucky cat, if you want its face to be clear, and the torso to be blurred. If a regular lens is used, since the face and the torso are in the same focal plane, the face and the torso will stay clear at the same time. But using a tilt-shift lens can meet this need without changing the aperture, and making photos more artistic.


Video-Specific Optimization

The video clips from the perspective of "Lilliput" are novel and fun. For more convenient and professional video shooting, the lens has been specially optimized - the focus ring and aperture ring are designed to fit most focus followers in accordance with cine lens.


Two Results for the Price of One

A tilt lens can be simply understood as: a conventional lens with a large imaging circle combined with a tilt mechanism becomes a tilt lens. Therefore, when the tilt angle is 0 degrees, it is a conventional 50mm f1.4 large aperture lens that can be used for normal portraits, humanities, sketches and other subjects. In addition, the optical performance is also more guaranteed. Because in the normal state, only the central part of the large image circle is utilized.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thomas Brinker
Great lens

The lens provides incredible pictures. Needs some time to fully explore the advantages but then it is fun :-)

Peter Kovac
Love the creative aspect of the lens!

It's very specific and very playful for experimentation. The built quality is exceptional and it's a very nice lens to use.

Thorsten Fuchs
Great lens for the money with loads of character

I have a lot of fun with the tilt effect which gives many opportunities for creative shooting. Of course, with size, weight and price in mind, it is not the sharpest lens wide open, but at f2. 8 you can achieve good sharpness.

Andrejs Zavadskis

nice lens but wanted to choose design. recived for filming but will never use it for filmings..

Martin Messmer
SUPER … !!

Ein Tilt-Objektiv für Fujifilm und andere Bajonette … TOLL! Es ist vielleicht nicht das allerschärfste, aber es ist sehr robust gebaut und GANZ wunderbar in der Anwendung. Vielleicht hätte man bei 5° Tiltwinkel noch ein längeres Strichlein gravieren können – dann könnte man die Grade beim Einstellen noch besser zählen. Ich machte bereits wunderbare Bilder! Wer Formeln braucht für den Tiltwinkel, darf sich gerne bei mir melden – ich habe das gesamte Formelwerk, einfach und hilfreich, um das Objektiv einfach handzuhaben und zu nutzen … Ich bin begeistert vom Objektiv … auch vom Schutzdeckel – stabil, liebevoll gebaut — DANKE den Entwicklern!! —

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