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Light Meter (Brass and Aviation Aluminum body)

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Key Features
  • The meter conveniently slips into the camera's shoe while readings are taken
  • Three dials - one for ISO, one for aperture and one for shutter speed allow settings to be made
  • A series of LEDs illuminate to tell the user when correct measurement has been achieved
  • Available in Black (Brass) ,Black (Aviation Aluminum) and Silver (Aviation Aluminum)
  • The surface of Black (Aviation Aluminum) and Silver (Aviation Aluminum) will not fall off
  • Due to the special character of Black (Brass) edition, the return and exchange is not support.
  • Battery CR2032 is not included in the package

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Roger Worsdall
Customer service

I ordered and paid for a light meter, order number 2286, you sent me a lens. I returned the lens. You have not yet sent me the light meter. You do not reply to my e mails. I would like a full refund as it seems you have no intention of completing this order.

Pino Modola
Excellent value for money

I received today the light meter to be used on old analog film cameras (Leica IIIf, Meopta Flexaret VII) I own since long time.
The cheapest solution had been until now to buy a Voigtlander light meter, paying a price of 299,80 - nearly five times higher than yours. But, apart from some marginal differences, the Voigtlander and the TTArtisan light meters are almost identical.
I didn't used the Voigtlander one, to be honest. Yet the TTArtisan light meter appears to be solidly built in robust metal (aluminium, I suppose) and is supplied in a good packaging containing the elegant box with the light meter itself, a screwdriver to move the camera attachment to another (between three) possible emplacement, and the instruction leafleet (in Chinese and English languages). All is elegant and really solid in appearance. The dials have no play in their rotation, with the aperture (and ISO) one rotating more easily than the shutter speed dial, this latter having click stops at each value.
I checked the accuracy of the light meter by comparing it with my Nikon D300 DSLR built-in light meter: the readings resulted identical! A really excellent performance.
Moreover, the delivery occurred one day earlier than specified (ten days in total from order to delivery in Italy!).
What to say more? I'm a fully satisfied customer!