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APS-C 50mm F1.2

APS-C 50mm F1.2

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Key Features
  • E\EOS-M\X\Z\L\RF\M43-Mount Lens
  • Aperture Range: f/1.2 to f/16
  • Focusing Method:Manual Focus Operation
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.5m 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Hywel Jones
      Fun though not perfect lens

      This is a great, well built, solid lens with an extreme f1.2 aperture for a redicoulusly low price. Whilst the image you get from this lens are not optically perfect, you can still get some marvelous shots with it. Great for portraits, nightime photography and for really isolating your subject, the background bokeh is as smooth as you could wish at f1.2. There are faults of course - chromatic abberation is quite bad on strong contrast edges, contrast and sharpness are not the best at any aperture but are pefectly good and these can be ehnanced in post. Flare and coma do not seem as bad as some early reviews stated, so maybe TT Artisans have improved the coatings. However the faults are irrelavent for those smooth soft shots at F1.2 which can look magical compared to the boring shots you get with a kit lens!

      Aidan Jordan
      Muy bien

      Es muy bien, me gusta mucho

      Alaudin Hujdur

      APS-C 50mm F1.2

      Howard Vrankin
      Back to the Golden Age of Lenses

      In the 1970s I shot film with 1.4 similar Sonnar lens designs to this TTArtisan lens, and loved their rendering. Receiving my TTArtisan 50 1.2 lens over a year ago, I found that same wonderful rendering with my mirrorless APS-C camera. This lens is amazing for its sharp, yet somewhat buttery rendering. I find that adding a 52mm lens hood takes care of its slight tendency to flare with bright, frontal light sources. It is a perfect lens for a wide variety of subjects with a 75mm perspective in APS-C format. The distinct focus fall-off is one of the amazing characteristics of this lens. Try it in the field, or in the studio. It is amazing at such a reasonable price!

      Marino M.R.
      Excelente objetivo.

      Su nitidez y ausencia de aberraciones, sumado al precioso bokeh lo hacen un objetivo ideal para fotografía callejera y de retraato. Estoy muy contento con su adquisición.