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M-E 6bit adapter ring

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Customer Reviews

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Roger Backhouse
Excellent and innovative adapter

This is a great adapter for anyone using manual lenses on Sony A7 series cameras. I have no Leica M lenses but I use it with OM-LM and other adapters. Some adapters have no codes on the back and I use them with the dial for lenses in the 28-135 range; and two adapter have 6-bit codes on sticky labels the back, to cover my OM 21 and 24 mm lenses. Its not perfect in that it is easy to change the dial accidentally (click stops would be perfect, but would probably add to the cost) but it does the job it is intended to do.

Works great with Leica M lens

Great customer service as well

Ken Thomson
Excellent adaptor, works as advertised

The adaptor was shipped promptly and I had no additional taxes or fees to pay for import to the UK. It works perfectly with my two coded Leica lenses and two hand-coded Voigtlanders. I look forward to future innovative products from the team at TTArtisan.

Sebastian Nattkemper
Great idea

Great idea! Like it that it is lightweight! Build Quality and Design could be better. Especially the Ring to adjust the focal lenght could be better made. Rest is awesome