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M 28mm f5.6 Silver

M 28mm f5.6 Silver

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[Wide-angle Prime Lens]

With the ultra-slim profile and vintage aesthetic, TTArtisan M 28mm f5.6 is designed for immersive street photography. The ultimate height of 19mm is achieved by this lens, which weighs only 151g. Such light and portable feeling provide a better condition for creation and minimize the disturbance to the subject.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
SEMAN Benjamin
A landscape lens

It’s a very good lens for landscape or architecture. This lens is obviously not made for portraits. The focus distance (1 meter) is too long for this purpose.

Happy customer

Great build quality, sharp image and fast delivery to France. A+


Using it on a Leica M11. It’s tack sharp at any aperture. I set the M11 lens to “Summaron” but it’s no Summaron. It’s better in every way; sharper, more contrast, luscious color. It’s a true pancake and really unobtrusive, well, except for the retro hood, light and it’s become my go to street photography daytime lens. Great work TTartisan! My only criticism is that the odd shaped hood with the screw attachment may be period correct but it’s a pain to attach and a bit large. But no matter. The lens is a work of art.

bill barton
Small Wonder

First off I am not using it on a Leica M body, my main camera at the moment is the Sigma fp. It's my third 28mm lens but they are all M lenses, this lens is really well built and looks great. It's sharp and has good contrast with it's size this is the first 28 I grab. Two small things to improve, the lens hood looks good but I am not a big fan of clamp on hoods. If they could improve the flare resistance this lens would be perfect.

I have been able to use this in low light as the Sigma has really good high iso, but if I really need something else I do have a 28 1.4 to play with except for the size and weight which is why I picked up the TT Artisan 28mm f 5.6. I also have the 21mm f1.5 and talked a friend into your 50mm f1.4 which he loves and cannot believe the price on that lens.

Really impressive - with minor quirks

The 28mm f/5.6 is a fantastic lens for what it is - super-small, well made and fun. It's a great fit on any M body I've tried it on (M8, M 262, M10) and has joined my travel setup almost immediately - it's a no-brainer to bring along because of its size. It makes any M jacket-pocketable, too - great!

Crucially though, optically, it really holds its own - it's sharp and contrasty already wide open, with pleasing colours, and at f/8, you can set it to two metres to basically have everything in focus (hyperfocal). Corners never completely sharpen up though, and it pays to use your rangefinder for everything closer than two metres in any case. I'm completely fine with the lens' performance.

The make and the looks are cute and appealing, but they have their downsides - even if the infinity lock makes it look and behave much like the lens it's modeled after, I see no real use for it, especially not at the size. It's not a big deal, but still something that can slow you down (or cost you the odd shot). And the slip-on lens cap, while really nice to look at, is an accident waiting to happen: If you (which you will inevitably try at some time) grab the lens by the cap, it'll come off - if you're lucky, it'll do so immediately, but if you manage to first lift it, you'll look at a dropping lens ...

I appreciate almost everything about the lens and love to use it, but sometimes wish it wouldn't try so hard to *be* vintage - it's good enough to work better without being "just a copy". Optically, it clearly isn't (which is a good thing!) - so I could live without it looking the part. Anyhow, for the price, you can't go wrong!