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APS-C 35mm F0.95

APS-C 35mm F0.95

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Customer Reviews

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James and Traute LANGMESSER
Giving you an extra bit of imaging power

The f0.95 aperture gives you just that little bit of extra capability you might need. Works quite well as a 50mm lens in APS-C format. Am a committed user of TTArtisans products.

35mm F0.95

I’ve stop photography for more than 10yrs , recently I pick up again together with a new beginner friend. We learn together again and quickly I pick up all the knowledge again. So I realise after so many years, there’s so many brand of lens maker out there, after reading from a few lens review, I and my friend each pick up TTARTISAN 35mm F0.95 lens. The lens built quality is good, take great picture, I use it on my Fuji XE4 while my friend use it on Fuji XPro-3
The front lens cover is screw on, a bit troublesome to use, so I replace it with snap on Len cap for easy use.
It’s a great lens from its price point.

Chris G.
Fantastic little lens

I love the viewing angle paired with a good performing close focusing distance. The image quality is very good and the look when shooting wide open is outstanding. Best decision to try out this lens.

Christophe Serrano
Very good and easy to use with my ZFC

With the focus peaking it’s really easy to find the focus . It’s a very good surprise in fashion shoot for my case

Justin Dressel
Compact all-purpose lens

Though not a pancake, the 35f0.95 is not large, so is easy to use as a standard walkabout lens. It excels in this capacity since stopped down past f/1.8 it becomes very sharp with good tonal reproduction and dimensional rendering. This makes it excellent for portraits, street photography, and even landscapes stopped down to f/8. Wide open the center is modestly sharp still, with a fair amount of bloom and softness around the frame, so it can get a dreamy look as desired. The bokeh is interesting because depending on the aperture and distances from subject to background you can get anything from soap bubbles at f/0.95 to creamy smooth at f/1.2 to sharp star specular highlights at f/2.8 to good sunstars past f/4. It ends up on my camera more than I expected just because it is so flexible and can produce stellar results if you know how to use it. Highly recommend as a budget yet versatile normal lens.