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APS-C 23mm F1.4

APS-C 23mm F1.4

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[Wide-angle Prime Lens]

Characterized by its retro and versatile design, the TTArtisan 23mm f/1.4 is a 35mm-equivalent wide-angle prime lens designed for APS-C-format mirrorless cameras. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adrian Muino
Excelente en todo sentido.

Tengo este lente en una máquina Fujifilm X-Pro 1 y me ha sorprendido. El lente es de construcción sólida y movimiento preciso, hecho para durar. Está bueno para dejar la apertura y distancia focal fijas y sacar sin tener que enfocar. Yo lo uso con un filtro y una tapa plástica para protegerlo.
Las imágenes son muy nítidas a partir de f2.8 y algo más suaves a f1.4, pero siempre muy agradables.
Lo que es increíble es el precio, podría costar 4 veces más y aún ser barato.

Hugo Huertas
Excellent lens at a great price

I’ve been using this lens since I got it and I am very pleased by its performance and good quality not to mention you pay a fraction of the OM lenses

Jimmy Bruno
Amazing lens

I am using it on a Leica T. The lens is 35 mm equivalent.. Can’t beat the price.. Easy to focus.. firm click with the f stop ring

le poittevin
a very good deal

I bought the version for nikon z, the manufacture is exemplary, the ring of focusing is soft and precise, very pleasant has use, the ring of opening is well notched, with small click to find the good opening even without leaving the viewfinder, and it is sufficiently notched not to derange during displacements. The optical quality is very good especially considering the price, it does not have to envy that of the base lens of my Z50. In short, I'm very happy with it and I'd like to test the 17mm or the 40mm macro lens.

Obtainable value

The value of the lens far outweighs the cost.
As a beginner I didn't want to rely on 'auto' but to gain experience on an affordable manual lens and this has exceeded my expectations.

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