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APS-C 7.5mm F2

APS-C 7.5mm F2

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APS-C 7.5mm f2 E/X/RF mount is out of stock due to the factory holiday. Orders placed after 5th Feb are expected to be sent out at the end of Feb. Thank you so much for your support and waiting.
Key Features
  • E\EOS-M\X\Z\L\M43\RF-Mount Lens
  • Aperture Range: f/2 to f/11
  • Focusing Method: Manual Focus Operation
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.125m

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Maksym Bilozor

    APS-C 7.5mm F2

    Joao Neves
    fun lens

    A very fun lens to use. Good overall quality.

    For APS-C, but still works for FF

    I bought this lens for my Full Frame Canon R5. I know it was designed for crop sensor lenses but I wanted to see how it performed on the full frame. It have a kind of cool vignette around the edge almost making the photo look like a globe. It’s a unique lens and really fun to play with. Bringing the subject close will distort its image and make it large compared to the background. It’s very easy to use this lens to immerse yourself into an environment. It’s great for landscapes, street photography, Astrophotography, and macro.

    It’s a well built manual aperture lens and is definitely worth the money for any photographer looking for some new inspiration. Thank you TTArtisian!

    Zoran Pavlov BonsaiZG
    Lens cap

    I’m not a professional photographer, so my expectations of the lens are more modest. The lens is very good. I was surprised by the possibility of taking close-up photos. The focus ring is very easy to control. F: 2 gives a very nice bokeh. Too bad it's not 180 degrees but the frame is wide enough and the distortions are workable. I haven't tried the ND filter yet but I hope to be soon. The quality of the lens itself is excellent. But the only complaint is for the lens cap. This could have been done better. It easily falls off the lens that there is a possibility of getting lost.
    Basically, I’m looking forward to taking photos with TTArtisan.