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About TTArtisan

TTArtisan was etablished in 2019,located in Shenzhen. As a young but with rich experience company, TTArtisan devotes itself to lens manufacturing, R&D and sales.

"TTArtisan / Mingjiang Optics" is divided into three series: Range-finder lenses, Mirrorless lenses and AF lenses.

The rangefinder lens series are for Leica users. With premium optical design, high quality materials (ED/ASPH Glass), and perfect industrial support in Shenzhen, this series has been highly praised by the Leica users base-"Excellent touch,premium imaging quality".

  • M 50mm F0.95 ASHP.

    "Killer in Low Light and Dark"

  • APS-C 35mm F1.4

    “Portable lens in your pocket”

  • APS-C 17mm F1.4

    “StreetPhotography & Documentary Photography”

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